How to "Elevate yourself in balance" to find "The courage to succeed"


Hi, I am Érik.

I offer managers, executives and entrepreneurs quality coaching that gives them the courage to succeed both in their careers and in their personal lives.

My Mission
My career is atypical. From finance to yoga, from New York to India, I have now found the balance between the head and the heart as active businessmen in my community and valued manager. With more than 20 years of experience in the financial world and more than 10 years as a manager, I am now focusing on the development of decision makers to achieve personal and professional fulfillment while achieving their business objectives. Because managers never work alone, I also offer workplace conferences to equip employees and give them the courage to succeed.

What I can offer you

I offer managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and employees quality human support, training and conferences with humor and authenticity in order to give the courage to succeed both in personal and professional life.

Érik talks openly about the challenges he experienced, which led him to strike a balance between head and heart.


In my coaching sessions, I will guide you in your self-development, empowering you to achieve your full potential, both professionally and personally.


The trainings are a combination of masterful presentations and working sessions during which the participants continue their reflection by exchanging on the proposed themes.

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Cultivate courage and make your mission a success: work with me

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