As managers, entrepreneurs and directors, we often face this dichotomy between our apparent success and our strong need to achieve. In my coaching sessions, I will guide you in your self-development, empowering you to achieve your full potential, both professionally and personally.

My 25 years in finance and business taught me an important lesson: success is primarily about recognition. If we seek recognition from others, we will rarely, if ever, achieve personal satisfaction. Something will always be missing for us to feel successful.

My approach

My down-to-earth, practical approach encourages self-observation and inquiry about beliefs, fear, balance, who you really are, the intention behind your mission and your daily routine. I will guide you through this process of reflection and awareness to clarify your goals and motivations and restore your courage to: Accept, Liberate yourself, live in Truth, take Action and Trust to accomplish your true mission.

Our coaching sessions

01 Executive Coaching
02 Business Coaching
03 Personal Coaching
04 Team Coaching

Coaching packages

Premium service

Ce service inclus, l’élaboration d’un plan de coaching, une préparation des rencontres, un suivi des rencontres, la possibilité d’échanger entre les rencontres par courriel, téléphone ou Zoom.

Cet accompagnement se fait sur 12 rencontres de 60 minutes :

  • 3 mois : 4 rencontres par mois
  • 6 mois : 2 rencontres par mois
  • Un an : 1 rencontre par mois

Intensive week

Ce coaching s’adresse à vous si vous faites face à des défis importants et urgents et que vous avez besoin d’un accompagnement soutenu dans vos décisions devant la gravité de la problématique.

Cet accompagnement se fait sur une semaine :

  • Une semaine : 3 rencontres de 45 minutes

By unit

Pour vos besoins d’accompagnement sporadique.

Cet accompagnement se fait à la rencontre :

  • Une rencontre de 90 minutes

Great collaborations

Why Érik?

From finance to yoga, Érik’s background is daring and impressive and holds a wealth of life lessons. He combines awareness and self-reflection with economics and the corporate and entrepreneurial world, making him an excellent strategist and invaluable guide.

Érik holds a Strategic Intervention Coaching Certificate from Robbins-Madanes Training. A good listener, he is open-minded and non-judgmental. Popular for his honesty, Érik guides managers, professionals and entrepreneurs with authenticity. His ultimate goal is to help them strike a balance between head and heart so they can reach their full potential and advance their company’s mission.

Please contact us for more information about Érik’s coaching sessions and talks.

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