The Courage to Succeed

We grow from a place of truth. Érik has overcome many life challenges, experiencing failure—and also success—several times over. Five major life lessons arise from his story, which he summarizes with the acronym AFTAT. During the talk, Érik presents this concrete process, which he now applies in everyday life and which helps each and every person find their path and have the courage to succeed professionally and personally.

AFTAT means we have to Accept reality whether or not it is under our control. We must then Freedom from the beliefs and roles that imprison us and keep us from reaching our Truth. When we understand our essential nature and what we have to offer, it is time to Act, to accomplish our mission and to Trust that we are on the right track.

Despite his impressive life trajectory, Érik humbly shares his five lessons with humour and authenticity. He talks openly about the challenges he experienced, which led him to strike a balance between head and heart. His talk is an inspiration for those looking to marry pragmatism with mindfulness in every aspect of their lives.

“Erik Giasson speaks from pure heart. His story is one of trials and tribulations confronted along the road to self-discovery that deepen our understanding of the individual’s unique calling. He speaks to the undeniable urge to take hold of the truth of who and what we are to become the best that we possibly can—for ourselves, our loved ones, for our community and the greater world at large.”

– Nicole Lindstrom, Producer of the 2015 Wanderlust Speakeasy Series and co-author of Wanderlust: A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self

“During his talk, Érik opened his heart and soul to us. Through his personal experiences and learning, he inspired us to combine pragmatism with mindfulness in every aspect of our lives. It’s no wonder he has the favourite speaker for so many of our medical students!”

– Joel Neves Briard, Executive Vice-President, Organization for Medical Education in Governance and Administration (OMEGA) on the opening session at OMEGA’s conference on doctors’ personal and professional well-being

How to ” Elevate yourself in balance” to find ” the courage to succeed”

 “ Elevate yourself in balance”

Do you ever feel out of balance, to feel buried under tasks, thoughts and fears? Do you ever lose touch with who you really are? Do you feel like you’re always on the run, lacking motivation at work, backing down from challenges, or even wanting to change your life? Although we are reluctant to talk about it, these feelings come with us all one day. The reason? Most likely because we are unaware of the importance of balance in our lives. Without awareness, it is very difficult to raise our quality of attention to the present moment and thus raise the level of intention of our professional mission. It is in the space between our head and our heart, connected to who we really are, that we are able to rise to personal and professional fulfillment.

Érik’s talk emphasizes the intention behind each action. “ Elevate yourself “ fosters awareness of the intention behind our professional actions and reactions, to better focus our energy on reaching our objectives. True to himself, Érik offers a simple method that is easy to follow and use, which he applies every day in his own career.

Always down-to-earth, Érik encourages participants to ask themselves six questions:

  • Do you strike a balance between head and heart?
  • Do you have beliefs?
  • Do you allow fear to guide you?
  • Who are you really?
  • What is your true mission?
  • How do you maintain your faith in this mission?

By connecting employee’s personal missions with that of their organization, Érik manages to instill or re-instill meaning in the workplace. He illustrates each step with living examples and life experiences that make his talk touching and authentic. An active businessman and well-liked manager, it is first and foremost his down-to-earth side that shines through his tangle but inspiring life story.

“Érik Giasson’s presentation is very interesting. He succeeds in engaging everyone as he remains objective about his own life choices. The vision he offers is achievable.”

– Alessandra Rigano, Conference content planner and journalist

“The most flamboyant person of the evening was without a doubt Érik Giasson, the self-proclaimed “Wall Street Yogi.” A former financier who’s had his fair share of misfortune, Érik now owns Wanderlust Yoga Studio. Brimming with enthusiasm, he talked about his experiences: the megalomaniac moments, taking up yoga with an Ironman’s fighting spirit and finding balance halfway between head and heart. A real character.”

– Maryse Boyce, Extract from Baron magazine

Why Érik?

From finance to yoga, Érik’s background is daring and impressive and holds a wealth of life lessons. He combines awareness and self-reflection with economics and the corporate and entrepreneurial world, making him an excellent strategist and invaluable guide.

Érik holds a Strategic Intervention Coaching Certificate from Robbins-Madanes Training. A good listener, he is open-minded and non-judgmental. Popular for his honesty, Érik guides managers, professionals and entrepreneurs with authenticity. His ultimate goal is to help them strike a balance between head and heart so they can reach their full potential and advance their company’s mission.

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