Érik Giasson spoke with our patients. We can never thank him enough for the good he has done them. It’s amazing to see how much he touched them. He sparked something in them to help them on their journey and have a more positive outlook on life. Since the talk, in every situation they face, they remember his words—and especially ALTAT! Once again, many many thanks, Érik, for taking the time to talk about your experiences.

Audrey Epars
Intervenante responsable clinique, Service d'intervention en santé mentale Espoir

Érik Giasson’s presentation is very interesting. He succeeds in engaging everyone as he remains objective about his own life choices. The vision he offers is achievable.

Alessandra Rigano
Planificatrice des contenus, conférences et journaliste, Éditions Infopresse

The most flamboyant person of the evening was without a doubt Érik Giasson, the self-proclaimed “Wall Street Yogi.” A former financier who’s had his fair share of misfortune, Érik now owns Wanderlust Yoga Studio. Brimming with enthusiasm, he talked about his experiences: the megalomaniac moments, taking up yoga with an Ironman’s fighting spirit and finding balance halfway between head and heart. A real character.

Maryse Boyce
Extrait de l'article du magazine Baron Affaires Montréal

During his talk, Érik opened his heart and soul to us. Through his personal experiences and learning, he inspired us to combine pragmatism with mindfulness in every aspect of our lives. It’s no wonder he has the favourite speaker for so many of our medical students!

Joel Neves Briard
Vice-président exécutif, Organisation médicale étudiante en gestion des affaires (OMEGA) à propos de la conférence d’ouverture du congrès d’OMEGA sur le bien-être personnel et professionnel des médecins

Érik’s message of balancing the head and heart was exactly the refreshing addition we needed for our corporate education event. In an industry that focuses heavily on sales production, it is important to add some real-world examples of the importance of balance to the agenda. Erik’s story resonated with our group of hyper performers, bringing home the importance of not only nourishing the bank account but also nourishing the soul.

Michael Cameron
CEO, Axiom Mortgage

Érik Giasson speaks from pure heart. His story is one of trials and tribulations confronted along the road to self-discovery that deepen our understanding of the individual’s unique calling. He speaks to the undeniable urge to take hold of the truth of who and what we are to become the best that we possibly can—for ourselves, our loved ones, for our community and the greater world at large.

Nicole Lindstrom
Productrice de la Speakeasy Series de Wanderlust 2015 et co-auteure de Wanderlust: A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Self