With 30 years of experience in business, including 15 as an entrepreneur and 20 in finance, I accompany leaders, managers, high-level executives, entrepreneurs and their teams in individual coaching or group.

My role as a coach is to support you in a process of awareness, learning and discovery. Rich of my business experience, I have an excellent understanding of the economic reality of my clients. My approach is to address leadership, accountability, conscious action, achieving results and self-realization.

My approach

I like to highlight other ways of seeing things. I want to facilitate awareness and awakening. I accompany my clients towards solutions that they could not see, but that they had in them. I offer simple, structured, concrete and easy-to-use tools. I accompany in full awareness in truth, authenticity, vulnerability and pleasure with optimism and benevolence. I am determined to help my clients achieve the results they set. The meetings are structured to promote awareness and action.

Our different coaching

01 Executive Coaching
02 Business Coaching
03 Personal Coaching
04 Team Coaching

Coaching packages

Premium service

This service includes the development of a coaching plan, preparation of meetings, follow-up of meetings, the possibility of exchanging between meetings by email, telephone or Zoom.

This support is done over 12 meetings of 60 minutes:

  • 3 months: 4 meetings per month
  • 6 months: 2 meetings per month
  • One year: 1 meeting per month

Intensive week

This coaching is for you if you are facing important and urgent challenges and you need sustained support in your decisions given the seriousness of the problem.

This support is done over a week:

  • One week: 3 meetings of 45 minutes


For your sporadic support needs.

This accompaniment is done at the meeting:

  • A 90 minute meeting

Great collaborations

Why Erik?

From finance to yoga, Erik’s journey is daring, impressive and rich in multiple life lessons. He knows how to link mindfulness and self-reflection to economic reality, the business world and entrepreneurship, which makes him an excellent strategist and a valuable guide.

Rich in two training courses in coaching, Erik knows how to listen, in a complete openness to others and without judgement. Coach appreciated for his frankness, he guides managers, professionals and entrepreneurs with authenticity. His ultimate goal is to enable them to achieve balance between head and heart, so that they can both fulfill themselves and contribute to fulfilling their professional mission.

I invite you to contact me for more information on the coaching I offer.

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