Group training

The group training aims to encourage managers and members of management to develop their managerial courage by reflecting on the various themes presented, such as authenticity, personal values, coherence between the heart and the head and the links between their professional life and personal mission.



Live in line with its values and its professional mission to become a model of inspiration for employees


Mobilize your values, talents and expertise to obtain the desired results


Learn to come back to yourself in the present moment to act consciously and make aligned decisions


Break free from fears and beliefs that diminish our power and opt for pleasure and empowering beliefs


Use your emotional intelligence to establish meaningful human relationships


Serve and create value on a daily basis by carrying out its mission

The trainings are a combination of masterful presentations and work sessions during which the participants continue the reflection by discussing the proposed themes. Peer sharing is recognized as one of the most effective ways to foster learning for managers. The sharing of similar experiences allows the rapid integration of the concepts presented. The duration of the training can vary according to the needs of the company. Half-day, full-day and multi-day retreats are offered.


Choosing to succeed

AFTAT: a method to come back to oneself and realize oneself fully

  • What can we Accept?
  • What can we Free ourselves from?
  • How can we see Truth as it is?
  • How to translate our vision into Actions?
  • Are we ready and ready to Trust?

Elevate yourself in balance

The tools to meet professional challenges while maintaining a balance in life

  • Balance between head and heart
  • Become aware of the beliefs that limit us
  • From fear to pleasure
  • Getting back to the essence of who we are
  • Raising the intention of his mission
  • A ritual to keep faith in one’s mission

Conscious and authentic leadership

We can choose to take five actions that are not often listed when we talk about leadership. Yet they are essential and simple to be a true leader.

  • Understand who is the leader
  • Beyond the feeling of impostor
  • Pay attention to the leader’s emotions
  • Free yourself from fears and desires to see the real needs
  • The intention is to serve the cause and the employee

Dare to embrace change

In this training, Erik explains well the following quote from Nietzsche: “What does not kill me makes me stronger”. To dare to love change is to dare to live your life.

  • Understanding the resistance
  • Be in tune with your emotions
  • Accept impermanence or choose suffering
  • How to let go Learn to redefine
  • Cultivate Hope
  • Understand that life is an infinite game

Being “fit” to serve

A daily ritual to get back to the level of your training in the face of challenges

  • The body
  • The heart
  • The head
  • The definitions given
  • The actions

Stop surviving to start living

Without awareness we find ourselves under the influence of our survival instinct and often manifest a life of small pleasures and sufferings.

  • Understand the survival instinct
  • Fears
  • The feeling of being inadequate
  • The illusion of being separated
  • Learning to live

Great collaborations

Why Erik?

From finance to yoga, Erik’s atypical journey is daring, impressive and full of many life lessons. He knows how to anchor mindfulness and self-reflection to economic reality and to the world of business and entrepreneurship, which makes him an excellent strategist and a valuable guide.

Erik is an excellent communicator and popularizer. His training is in humor, self-mockery, authenticity, accountability and in complete openness without detention. He is appreciated for his dynamism, his career but also and above all for the simplicity of the lessons it offers. Although his career path is atypical, Erik has succeeded in understand the various pitfalls of human life which means that no matter to whom it speaks, their title or their sector of activity, people recognize themselves in its history. His ultimate objective is to allow participants to achieve freedom and cohesion.

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