My background is atypical. Holding degrees from the Montréal-based HEC Business School and the CFA Institute, I quickly ascended in the world of finance, taking me from Montréal to New York by way of Toronto. I worked as a portfolio manager, risk manager, chief investment officer, head of the bond desk and chief strategist. I was also a major shareholder, manager and administrator of a large Montréal-based investment firm. A four-time Ironman, you could say I lived the dream. I had a house by a golf course, a Ferrari—a life of luxury.

I’d “made it.” Perhaps you recognize yourself?

Despite all that success, I was never satisfied. I always wanted more. Until the day I came up against several major life challenges that forced me to rethink my priorities and quit playing the role of an overachiever. After getting through cancer, a difficult romantic breakup and losing several jobs, I was on a search for meaning. I discovered yoga and became the perfect yogi, taking several trips to India and spending time in ashrams to find my truth.

After a year of this answer-seeking, I realized the importance of accepting reality and breaking free from roles that don’t make us happy, then taking action to achieve our full potential, both professionally and personally.


The balance between the head and the heart

From finance to yoga, from New York to India by way of Toronto, I managed to find a balance between head and heart as a businessman in my community and a happy father to five children. With over 20 years’ experience in finance and more than 10 in management, I now help decision-makers to move forward, reach their potential—both personally and professionally—and achieve their business goals.

And since managers never work alone, I also hold talks in the workplace to empower employees and give them the courage to succeed.

Great collaborations

Cultivate courage and make your mission a success: work with me

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