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Choosing freedom is choosing your life, your mission, health, love, well-being, balance and success. Free yourself from your limiting beliefs, your fears, your subconscious narratives that shape your behaviors and your life.


Hello, I'm Erik.

I am rich. Not financially, but my atypical career has brought me wealth. The Yogi of Wall Street is this mesh of finance, yoga, entrepreneurship and coaching, from New York to India.

My Mission

I cultivate a balance between the head and the heart as an Executive Coach, Business Coach and Speaker. With 30 years of business experience, 15 of which as an entrepreneur and 20 in finance, I am now dedicated to developing decision makers to achieve personal fulfillment while achieving their business goals.

I am also author of two books, cancer survivor, 4 times Ironman, husband and father of 7 children.

What I have to offer

I offer managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and employees a quality human coaching, training and conferences with humor and authenticity in order to give the courage to succeed in both personal and professional life.


Erik does not hesitate to talk about the ordeals he has gone through and which led him to find the balance between head and heart.


My role as a coach is to support you in a process of awareness, learning and discovery.


The trainings are a combination of masterful presentations and work sessions during which the participants continue the reflection by discussing the proposed themes.


Thank you to my clients who trust me and allow me to support them on their journey.

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