In all humility, despite an impressive life course, Erik shares his life lessons with humor and authenticity. He doesn’t hesitate to talk about the challenges he went through that led him to find the balance between head and heart. His lectures are a source of inspiration for all those who desire freedom and aspire to combine pragmatism with mindfulness and success in all spheres of their life.


"Choosing to Succeed"

Life is a series of choices. Without awareness, we often find ourselves in reaction to repeating the same mistakes, which makes success difficult to achieve. We have the ability to change our lives every day, depending on the choices we make, the emotions we have and the actions we take. Without awareness, we lose responsibility and let life decide our ability to succeed.

Erik has long let the vagaries of life decide his professional and personal success. He has therefore gone through several trials, experienced many failures but also many successes. He drew five major life lessons from his story, five choices that we can make consciously every day to finally succeed in achieving our goals. It summarizes these choices with the acronym ALVAC. In a conference, he presents this concrete process that he now applies on a daily basis and which allows everyone to find their way and succeed in their professional and personal life.

AFTAT is first of all making the choice to Accept reality, what we can or cannot control. We must then make the choice to Free ourselves from the roles that imprison us and thus reconnect to our essence. In the role-free reality, we can make the choice to live in the Truth and thus reconnect to our life as it really is. When we understand who we really are and what we can offer, we can choose the intention behind our actions so that our Actions bring us closer to success. As our actions now come from a place within us that has accepted reality, which is also connected to our essence and to the truth, we can now make the choice to Trust that we are on the path to success.

“ Elevate yourself in balance”

Do you ever feel out of balance, to feel buried under tasks, thoughts and fears? Do you ever lose touch with who you really are? Do you feel like you’re always on the run, lacking motivation at work, backing down from challenges, or even wanting to change your life? Although we are reluctant to talk about it, these feelings come with us all one day. The reason? Most likely because we are unaware of the importance of balance in our lives. Without awareness, it is very difficult to raise our quality of attention to the present moment and thus raise the level of intention of our professional mission. It is in the space between our head and our heart, connected to who we really are, that we are able to rise to personal and professional fulfillment.

Erik’s talk emphasizes the intention behind each action. “ Elevate yourself “ fosters awareness of the intention behind our professional actions and reactions, to better focus our energy on reaching our objectives. True to himself, Erik offers a simple method that is easy to follow and use, which he applies every day in his own career.

Always down-to-earth, Erik encourages participants to ask themselves six questions:

  • Do you strike a balance between head and heart?
  • Do you have beliefs?
  • Do you allow fear to guide you?
  • Who are you really?
  • What is your true mission?
  • How do you maintain your faith in this mission?

By connecting employee’s personal missions with that of their organization, Erik manages to instill or re-instill meaning in the workplace. He illustrates each step with living examples and life experiences that make his talk touching and authentic. An active businessman and well-liked manager, it is first and foremost his down-to-earth side that shines through his tangle but inspiring life story.

“Dare to embrace change“

In this conference, Erik explains well the following quote from Nietzsche: “What does not kill me makes me stronger”. Erik has faced adversity: he had a difficult childhood, lost a dream job on Wall Street, repeatedly lost millions of dollars to find himself on the verge of bankruptcy, experienced divorce, survived cancer and saw its former yoga studios on the brink at the start of the pandemic. He knew how to dare to change in several spheres of his life, both personally and professionally. As they say, Erik has become an expert in crisis and change management. Many of these changes were very difficult while others were very easy. It is from these trials and these changes which are certainly very similar to those that many of you are experiencing, that Erik learned lessons which he summarizes in 7 steps to dare to love change.

  • Learn to listen to your emotions
  • Understand the resistance
  • Accept impermanence or choose suffering
  • Learn to let go
  • Learn to redefine
  • Cultivate Hope
  • Understand that life is an infinite game

"Conscious and Authentic Leadership"

In this conference, Erik speaks to “great leaders”, but also to the leader who is inside each one of us. Leaders are often inclined to be very rational, “in their head” and therefore unconscious and imprisoned in this role. The many writings that focus on leadership often mention a list of attributes or qualities that one must possess to be a good leader. However, Erik is of the opinion

that it should not be limited to this since we all have the capacity to be a good leader. Equal to himself, Erik demonstrates that on a daily basis, we all have the ability to improve the quality of our lives and those around us if we raise our intentions and choose to act as a leader, with or without the title of CEO, VP or DG. We can choose to take five actions that are not often listed when we talk about leadership. Yet they are essential and simple to be a true leader.

  • Understand who is the leader
  • Go beyond the feeling of impostor
  • Pay attention to emotions
  • Free yourself from fears and desires to see the real issues
  • Learn to serve the cause and the employees

The decision to be a good leader is within everyone’s reach if we make the choice. And the resulting repercussions can be felt on a professional level, of course, but also on a personal or family level.

Great collaborations

Why Erik?

From finance to yoga, Erik’s atypical journey is daring, impressive and rich in many life lessons. He knows how to tie mindfulness and self-reflection to economic reality, the world of business and entrepreneurship, which makes him an excellent strategist and a valuable guide.

Erik is an excellent communicator and popularizer. His lectures are in the forms of humor, self-mockery, authenticity, empowerment and in a complete and unrestrained openness. He is appreciated for his dynamism, his background but also and above all for the simplicity of the lessons he offers. Although his background is atypical, Erik has managed to understand the various pitfalls of human life, which means that no matter who he speaks to, their title or their sector, people recognize themselves in his story. Its ultimate goal is to allow participants to achieve freedom, cohesion between their personal values and their professional mission to have a rich and fully satisfying life.

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